Northern Nights 2018: A New Take On Vibe Elevation

Featured photo courtesy of Kristina Bakrevski
All watermarked photos courtesy of Gudvibesphoto for Festival Squad


Photo courtesy of Kristina Bakrevski

Northern Nights Music Festival has DONE. IT. AGAIN. As a product of a nurturing redwood tree grove, home-hitting tunes, an enticing river, and all the right organic vibes, this bash left us with a top-of-the-list impression. After executing its humbled sixth year, writing is completely on the wall proving that NNMF deserves each bit of  loyalty and support from returning festival family members and community engagement. Although Northern Nights is quite straightforwardly a festival, the truest beauty behind its composition are the apparent attributes proving it to truly stand as a gathering. The freshly gifted breaths from majestic, eon-old trees to mere freedom and exploration across the glorious geography make for a uniquely untouchable festival platform.


The hype

Photo courtesy of Kristina Bakrevski

While smaller names on the lineup received just as much love as headliners, it was a singlehanded reminder that Northern Nights is an all-inclusive home base for the loving soul. For all performers, flow artists, you name it, full support was alive and well. The shift in energy from daytime yoga in the Grove to main stage hype like the Dirtybird Takeover was entirely vibey and flowed untouchably. Not to mention the impromptu flow meetups anywhere, anytime, were everything!


Lifelong connections

No cell service, NO PROBLEM. Being deep in the forest with no cell phone reception was an amazing reminder that the only essential connection we need is with one another. When a lush green, water-flowing, bass-banging utopia draws all the right beautiful people to one place, you bet all the right vibes are to be exchanged. NNMF cannot the honored enough for bringing such beautifully free-spirited and love-loving souls together. Whether it was entwining groovy energy on the dust bed dance floor or raft-bumping into new friends on the river, everyone seemingly gave the gift of each other. Major kudos to our BDE NNMF party people!


The location

Photo courtesy of Kristina Bakrevski

Cook’s Valley Campground sold us nothing short of a dreamy festival site. In its own, the river and redwood trees offer a breathtaking vibe. Whether you need to get away and take a stroll along the water or get lost in the trees, everything was within reach. At night, a quick pump between the heavy-hitting house hut, Bunker Stage, to the silent disco was nothing. The land quickly became home. A forever home at that.

Take a peek below at some of our most memorable NNMF experiences!


As aforementioned, Northern Nights attendees brought all the right vibes and them some! Us well seasoned festies were insanely excited for what this year had in store for us, but the truth is we had NO IDEA. The welcoming smiles new dancing partners met on the dance floor were connections to never be forgotten.

HOLY BROWNIES AND LEMONADE TAKEOVER. SERIOUSLY. For Brownies & Lemonade newbies, B&L is a movement with one essential goal: to throw the most kickass party possible! The compelling platform of each party is the complete surprise of artists to pop up and perform. What was special about this takeover wasn’t only the River Stage set-off, but Luca Lush gave us a feel of what the very first B&L party was like. To us diehards, it was truly home.

Although the pace of Northern Nights was often fast, there were times we were reminded to simmer down and breathe. Each cluster of campers created their own expressive home, incomparable to the next. The captivating and thought provoking feathery trinkets, hoops, bells and such were the small meaningful reminders, in which helped us be present.

If you’re not familiar with Brasstracks, here is your homework: CATCH BRASSTRACKS LIVE ASAP! Recently bouncing back from a nearly career affecting injury, Ivan Jackson (the trumpet stunner) transformed the mishap behind him into pure fuel and took flight with stage mate, Connor. Endless thanks to the boys for an extremely highly ranked set of the weekend.


Trust the vibe and be sure to join us under the Redwoods in 2019!


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