Top 3 Reasons to Go to Ultra Europe

Photo Credit: John Jacobson

Written by: John Jacobson


Ultra Europe isn’t just a festival, it’s an entire week-long journey full of events. Ultra Beach on the island of Hvar following the festival was hands down one of my favorite events. Imagine an insane pool party in Vegas, but with one of the best sunset views peering into the ocean you will ever see. There was a beach below the venue with yachts sailing into the distance. The restaurant on the beach had an exquisite selection of seafood. Prepare to stretch your pockets in Hvar as the main city center is full of luxury prices.


Sailing to Croatia was a trip of a lifetime. Island hopping from party to party on a yacht was beyond surreal. The sailing culture is one of the main reasons Croatia is a widely sought-after travel destination. I was sailing with Sailing.HR, and every part of the trip made it exceed all expectations. Your skipper is not only an amazing captain but a highly personable and educated local from Croatia. He planned our entire itinerary providing some of the best views and nightlife Croatia has to offer. Not to mention, you can spend extra for a hostess to cook all of your meals! Overall, sailing is the way to go. You will save an extensive amount compared to paying every time for a water taxi.


How many people can say they partied in a 200-year-old British fort on an island in Croatia? This restaurant by day turned into one of the best clubs in Croatia at night. The Resistance Closing Party took place at this outdoor venue on the island of Vis. Nic Fanciulli, a techno legend, headlined the party. Every set leading up to his created the perfect buildup for an unbelievable night. The venue even offered amazing domestic cheeseburgers during the party. These weren’t your typical McDonald’s cheeseburger, and no, this wasn’t the alcohol talking. Fort George was the perfect ending to our Ultra journey.

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