Forever A Forest Creature: Weekend One At Electric Forest

cover photo from Electric Forest Facebook

(Photo: The Middle Phinger)

(Photo: Electric Forest Facebook)

Happy Forest:  Electric Forest was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. This crazy wonderland full of surprises and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met was everything I expected and more. From the time we pulled up to the main entrance I knew this place was special! Instantly we were greeted with happy people wishing us ‘Happy Forest’ and pop up dance parties before we even made it into the festival grounds. Once we made it into the festival, things got even better! This place truly was a happy forest!

Weekend One Recap


Into The Trees: 

(Photo: Electric Forest Facebook)

To say that the forest was magical is an understatement! This place blew my mind and left me speechless! Electric Forest had one of the best and most beautiful festival set ups that I’ve ever seen. The artwork and various installations were phenomenal! There was so much to see throughout the forest that it’s near impossible to see it all in one weekend. Next year i’ll be going to both weekends! Hidden rooms, fairy doors, mazes, speakeasies, wedding chapels, gardens, pianos, and so many more things were spread out and hidden in the forest. There was also multiple stages scattered throughout the festival grounds ranging from large main stages to tent stages, smaller forest stages, and other hidden gems. One of my favorite things I participated in this weekend was The Giving Tree. Here people left something sacred and took something sacred. Festival goers brought all kinds of unique gifts to leave behind for others to find! Hammocks were scattered throughout the forest for people to take a break in and relax.

(Photo: Electric Forest Facebook)

One of the things that made this weekend so great were all of the people that made their way to the forest this year. New comers and established veterans came from all over this country to be together for a weekend that no one wanted to end! Everyone had a smile on their face and open arms ready to meet anyone and everyone. People were free to be themselves here! You could dance like maniac, bust out some of your best and crazy outfits, or run around with an inflatable giraffe named Jerry and you would fit right in. People showed off their artwork, flow moves, totems, and best friends all weekend long adding to an already one of a kind festival. I have never felt energy like this at a festival before and I don’t know if anything will ever compare! 


(Photo: The Middle Phinger)

Music Surprises:  This week’s music didn’t disappoint either! Coming into this weekend I wanted to see as many new artists as I could and I did just that. Gryffin, Galantis, Omnom, Louis The Child, RUFUS DU SOL, and Jauz were just some that I got to see for the first time. Along with the new, I was able to catch a few of my long time favorites including The Werks, Aqueous, G Jones, Boogie T, and the man of the weekend GRiZ! Thats right, GRiZ took over Electric Forest Weekend One! He was everywhere! GRiZ played a set with his live band, threw down with a renegade set in the RV’s, took the stage during the final String Cheese Incident set, and put on a mesmerizing Chasing The Golden Hour set that was probably the best GRiZ set I’ve ever seen. He single handedly made this weekend so special!

GRiZ: Chasing The Golden Hour


(Photo: Psychedelic Eyes Photography)

GRiZ was not the only one that threw down this weekend making it special. GRiZ was not the only one to make a late night appearance in the RVs. Boogie T, Jauz, UM., Bonobo, Two Friends and others were all spotted out there! All weekend long artists were dropping new music as well! Bassnectar closed out with a new song titled ‘Whiplash’, Boogie T dropped a new song ft. Snails, G Jones played a new track, Aqueous debuted their new cover of Led Zeppelins ‘No Quarter’, among many more new songs! On top of the main line up, there were pianos and organs placed throughout the forest for anyone to play. Saturday night we were walking through the forest and stumbled upon one of the organs with a man playing it. I would have never though going into the weekend that some random festival goer playing an organ would have provided one of the most magical musical moments but he did just that! This place truly was full of surprises.

(Photo: Electric Forest Facebook)

One of my favorite moments at music festivals is when artists from different bands come together on stage to put on a massive collaboration. This weekend there was plenty of that! Matt Buttler and Everyone Orchestra put on two sets this weekend featuring some of my favorite musicians. The first set featured Michael Travis of String Cheese, Cris Houser of The Werks, Nate Edgar of The Nth Power, Leo P & Matt Doe of Too Many Zooz and more! The second set featured Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee, Natalie Cressman from Trey Anastasio Band, Jesse Hensley of Big Something, Rob Chafin of The Werks, Joshua Fairman of SunSquabi and more. If that wasn’t enough, The String Cheese Incident put on their own super jam during their final set with GRiZ, Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee, The Glitch Mob, Shook Twins, Xavier Rudd and more!  


This weekend in the forest left me craving more. Everything about my weekend here was perfect! Special places like this make it hard to say goodbye and reenter the real world. I know I didn’t want it to end. So instead of goodbye, I’ll just say see ya next year! I miss you all already <3


(Photo: Electric Forest Facebook)

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