Paradiso: A Summer Paradise

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Looking for that perfect summer festival? The one with excellent camping vibes, amazing artists, and the best venue? Look no further than Paradiso. Originally a single day event, Paradiso has grown and improved itself, eventually culminating into the 2-day, multistage festival it is today. The lineup offers variety, versatility, and excitement with up and coming artists, as well as seasoned veterans. This Insomniac Festival will be like no other due to its unique innovations in the festival sphere. Paradiso aims to combine the beauty of nature with the innovations of technology. Photo Gallery

The Venue

The Gorge Amphitheater is said to be one of the greatest venues in the world. The main stage overlooks a canyon where the Columbia River roars through. The grass area where people can sit and stand is a vast and lush green space. According to many reviews, the acoustic quality of the venue is excellent, regardless of seating. The only downside about the Gorge is that it is pretty far away from Seattle, as it takes 2.5-3 hours to get there. However, every good green-space needs to be a solid distance away from major cities to avoid light pollution. Do not miss this opportunity to check out one of the best venues on Earth.

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The Camping

Paradiso offers 4-tiers of camping including, Standard, Premier, Gold, and Terrace camping. Unfortunately all tiers of camping are sold out with the exception of Standard Camping. Standard Camping includes a 15×25 space, which has space for one vehicle and a 4-6 person tent. Showers are available for $3 a person. Although there is a strict limit of 6 people per tent, it is well worth the price as standard camping is only just over $100. RV’s are also permitted in standard camping as long as they fit within the camping space. Standard camping also includes toilers, washstands, comfort stations, and a convenience store. Be warned, the convenience store can be a bit pricey so bring enough food to last the two day fest!

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The Music

As with any music festival, the main attraction is the music itself. This year’s lineup is jaw-dropping to say the least. With huge names like Virtual Self ( Porter Robinson’s side project), Deadmau5, and Pendulum, to cult favorites like REZZ, Ekali, and TroyBoi; there is music for every EDM loving individual. This lineup has incredible headliners, and an amazing undercard. Expect two days of astounding variety and consistency with this lineup.

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