We need (ya) pink

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photo taken from pluko’s Facebook

18-year old producer Sam Martinsen AKA pluko has made some huge waves in his short time in the music industry. After releasing several songs through SoundCloud, Sam Martinsen joined ODESZA’s label Foreign Family Collective, where he released his track asleep (ft MOONZz). The track was well received and left fans eager for more material from the Pennsylvania based artist. With a potential album on the way, fans were hopeful that new material would be released soon. Thankfully fans did not have to wait too long as two more releases from pluko come out today, need ya (ft Nevve) and pink.

Nevve, a well-established singer in the industry, has worked with artists like Taska Black, Boombox Cartel, and Illenium. The song leans on her vocals while keeping a catchy rhythm with its deep bass line. pluko also uses distortion on vocal chops to give the track versatility. Its light sounds play well off of the bass line to create a memorable track. It is clear that pluko has spent a significant amount crafting his sounds to give the track a comprehensive feel. Listen to the track below.

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photo taken from pluko’s Facebook

If there was ever a song that could breathe life into a color, it would be pluko’s newest release on the Foreign Family Label, pink. pluko has outdone himself yet again with this track. The track draws influences from the likes of Jai Wolf and ODESZA through its artful buildup as well as its skillfully placed vocal chops and arps sprinkled throughout the track. The song also relies on pluko’s forte, future bass synths for its drop which gives the track a fulfilling sound. Make sure to listen to this track with headphones to appreciate all of the track’s subtle intricacies.

Needless to say, pluko has outdone himself again with these two releases. His versatility and ingenuity have cemented his place as one of the most exciting artists on the Foreign Family Label. Stay tuned and keep a lookout for more music by pluko since an album is on the way.

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