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By: Katarina Cvetko

From the creators of Defqon.1 and Qlimax, Dutch festival organisers Q-Dance and Belgian promoters Bass Events are teaming up to bring back The Qontinent for an insane 11th edition this summer! Located in the town of Puyenbroek in Belgium, the annual three-day event returns to celebrate the harder styles. Check out the full lineup here.

Hosted by the biggest hard dance organisers in the world, The Qontinent has already gathered an impressive number of hardstyle and hardcore acts. With close to 150 artists spread out across five stages, the festival features styles from hardstyle to hardcore and everything in between. Here are my five must-see acts from each stage.


When: Sunday

Where: Central Command (Main Stage)

Easily my one of my favourite artists, Norwegian duo Da Tweekaz will be playing at the main stage on Sunday night. Known for their Disney remixes and energetic tracks, Da Tweekaz will have you dancing and singing along with their contagious energy and exciting performance! Check out one of their latest tracks below.


When: Sunday

Where: Vantage Point (Hardcore)

Dutch hardcore and techno duo Evil Activities will be appearing at the Vantage Point on Sunday night. The duo consisting of DJ Kelly van Soest and MC E-Life has performed at festivals across the globe and are resident names in the hardcore scene. Check out one of their most popular tracks below.


When: Saturday

Where: The Firewall (Raw Hardstyle)

Originally producing several electronic music styles, Dutch DJ Adaro eventually found his sound in the harder styles and now produces Raw Hardstyle with many artists in the scene. Undoubtedly one of the most ambitious artists in the scene, his incredible production skills, and dedication has contributed to his success. Check out one of his latest tracks below.


When: Sunday

Where: The Prison (Flashback)

Starting out in the old school and early hardcore scene, Dr Rude manages to rock every party and is ready to make you feel better. Sharing his unique vision on Hardstyle, Dr Rude has made appearances at some of the biggest Hardstyle events in the world and will be rocking The Prison stage. Check out one of his most popular tracks below.


When: Sunday

Where: The Bunker (Industrial Hardcore)

From a young age, German DJ Detest developed a large interest in Drum & Bass and Hardcore. Combining his love for the two, he eventually went on to become one of the pioneers of today’s hardcore scene and has since performed at many major hard music events in Europe. Check out his latest track below.


With some of the biggest names in the scene and an incredible production quality to match, Q-Dance and Bass Events are ready to take you to The Qontinent. Grab your tickets here!

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