Festival Squad Is Back… Here Is What You Need to Know

Festival Squad has been growing internally and externally since it formed back in 2015. Our team has grown more rapidly than we could have ever imagined. Here at Festival Squad, each contributor and editor works tirelessly to make sure that we are providing quality content to our beloved readers. The company’s future is extremely important to everyone who has contributed to its growth.

Merger or No Merger?

Recently, Festival Squad announced its merger with the social media community, Festival Goers. The announcement was made back in January that the companies would merge under the name Festival Goers. Both teams were excited about the merger because of the new opportunities it created for both parties.

After a long and hard deliberation, Festival Squad has decided to stay independent from Festival Goers. Although we love our friends at Festival Goers, our creative differences ultimately led us down different paths.

Our Founder and CEO, Stephanie Rosa stated, “Growth and innovation comes with its share of unexpected turns and challenges. While we wish Festival Goers the best and look forward to continuing a great relationship, we’ve decided at this time to not join forces and to continue on our own creative paths separately.”

As our team and Festival Goers expanded merger discussions, it became apparent the companies did not share the same vision nor the same goals. Rather than sacrifice the closely held ideals of each company, it was decided to forge ahead separately. Rosa adds, “We are excited to have met like-minded individuals that turned into friends, people with passion, drive and one-of-a-kind personalities. Our relationship might not be what we set forth previously but it has given us a special bond with special people that will exist forever.”

What is happening to Festival Squad?

We will revert back to our name and imaging as Festival Squad, and our website will follow suit. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will remain under the name Festival Squad. We will continue to provide you with the best stories, photos, and updates from your favorite festivals worldwide.

In 2017 Festival Squad conducted 45+ interviews, attended 110+ festivals, and created hundreds of unique and informative articles.  Festival Squad has a lot more in store for 2018, as our team is targeting 250+ festivals this year, has goals to conduct over 100 interviews, and write more about what our readers love. Stay tuned because 2018 is going to be the most transformational year for Festival Squad yet!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our team at Festival Squad. We wouldn’t be here without you!

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