Alison Wonderland takes us to Church

With fans patiently awaiting an announcement from Alex Sholler, otherwise known as Alison Wonderland, she announced via Twitter that she is releasing a new album called AWAKE. Earlier this evening she also stated that it will be a 14 track album via Instagram live.

Without any hesitation, Alison Wonderland also announced that her new single Church was being released on Friday 2/16/2018. “It’s about finding your self worth and getting out of a toxic relationship and realizing that someone should be treating you the way you should be treated and praised.” Alison Wonderland says on her Snapchat story. The music video features a choir that pairs perfectly with the synthpop track that Sholler produced. This song is a peep inside of her personal life (which she never really shares with her followers) and explains that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth anything because you are worth something to someone.

The song premiered on Triple J earlier this week and her fans were thrilled for a new track off her new album she has been working on. If this is what the album as a whole will sound like, I am excited for the other tracks and am curious as to what the lyrics are portraying on the other songs.

Official Music Video:

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