Kasbo Sets his Tempo for 2018

Kasbo’s name, often heard in tandem with the likes of ODESZA, Louis Futon, and San Holo. This comes as no surprise since Kasbo has been making huge waves in the electronic music scene. Kasbo’s unique style and sound has caught the attention of fans and artists alike; his growing fan base is a testament to that fact.

Swedish producer, Carl Garsbo, started releasing music under the name Kasbo 4 years ago. Although his popularity did not spike until 2015, Kasbo’s talent was apparent and undeniable. A year into his career, Kasbo released his single Kaleidoscope on Monstercat, joining the likes of San Holo, Seven Lions, Snails, Bassnectar, and Marshmello, who have all released tracks through the record label. Soon after, Kasbo released his remix of Vance Joy’s Riptide, which has 5.7 million plays to date. As 2015 ramped up for Kasbo, he eventually released his debut EP Umbrella Club, followed subsequently by his Foreign Family Collective debut, which saw the release of his breakout track World Away.

Since then, Kasbo has been producing his own music, while touring with acts like ODESZA, Slow Magic, and San Holo. Kasbo has certainly refined his craft, and each song shows growth and potential. In his SoundCloud description, Carl stated, “the goal is to make you wanna dance and cry at the same time”, each and every one of his songs is an emotional roller-coaster for the listener. His ability to elicit an emotional response from his music is special, and not many artists are able to achieve that particular balance. One testament to that is Kasbo’s Cry/Dance mix, which you can listen to below.

After producing under various labels, Kasbo returned to the Foreign Family to release Bleed it Out featuring Nea, and Snow In Gothenburg. Both tracks show undeniable growth in Kasbo’s production quality. Bleed it Out has flawless transitions from its vocal lead to its captivating synths. Snow in Gothenburg has layered chopped and edited vocals that are perfectly placed with its melody. For many listeners, Kasbo has shown incredible growth over his 4-year career.

2018 is set to be Kasbo’s biggest year yet. At the end of January, fans were overjoyed to hear that Kasbo would be releasing his first ever album, Places We Don’t Know, which Carl has reportedly been working on for over two years. In anticipation of the album’s release, Kasbo has released several singles including Aldrig Mer featuring Tender, and Your Tempo. It is apparent from these two releases that his debut album is set to be one of the best electronic albums of 2018, no question. Kasbo’s unique stylistic choices have set him apart from all of the other names in the electronic medium. By using a unique blend of chopped vocals, airy iridescent female vocals, rhythmic beats, and well-executed synths, Kasbo has created a sound that he can call his own. Listen to both singles below.

The album drop is not the only big news set for the Swedish producer. Kasbo is set to go on tour in April a couple weeks after the album release with special guest Baynk. Check out the dates below.

Get tickets to the upcoming tour here.

Mark your calendars, Kasbo’s debut album is set to release March 23rd. Preorder the album here.

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