We’ve Struck Gold in Utah

Guest Written by Rachel Dobson

Since the people of Utah have had such a bizarre and deceiving winter these past couple months, this year’s Get Lucky line up is the pot of treasure at the end of a long wintery rainbow. Lucky for us, it has been color coded with yellow and orange for the day by day breakdown of the magical weekend. Since the time of the lineup release, we have been riveted non-stop by some of the performing artist’s songs on SoundCloud, such as Wuki and Parker.

If you’re a bass-head, you will most likely be in the Tent of Gold most of the night. It stands right outside of the doors to the venue, where you will be running amuck with other leprechauns like yourself. Who knows what mischief or good fortune will arise with such a wide spectrum of electronic music to enchant you all night long.

Here’s a mini playlist of songs we’ve fallen in love from a few of our favorite headliners:



Connect with Get Lucky:




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