Dreaming All Day of Lights All Night 2017

Photos from the Lights All Night Facebook page

With the eighth round of Lights All Night under Dallas’ belt, 2017’s bash was a compelling reminder in its own that this festival NEEDS to be included and checked off of your festival wish-list. With each year’s lineup stacked up high, we are certain that this year’s was untouchable. Sure, every year we giddily gush over the powerhouse lineup that assist in creating each Lights All Night experience, but this brand is truly one that consistently raises the bar each time around! Rallying up a sea of over 30,000 rage-ready patrons, between two stages, were some of the biggest names in the game. Artists including Marshmello, Bassnectar, Destructo, Tokimonsta, AC Slater, Porter Robinson, and SO MANY MORE who are dear to us, popped the top off of that place (and our eardrums!) Clearly, we were kept on our toes throughout the weekend. Lights All Night delivered constant reassurance that Dallas, amongst all other New Year’s Eve festival options, was THE place to be.


Before diving into Lights All Night, an indoor event, it was pretty difficult to picture not only the venue layout, but the entwined energy that both stages were to serve. Although the Supernova Stage and the Satellite Room were homes to two completely different musical capacities, the crowd and energy shuffle between the two worked quite magically.

  • Supernova Stage— Just as it sounds, this primary hub of the festival housed out-of-this-world EVERYTHING. From the electro-bombing baselines and drops to full LED light-leaping walls, this was the place to be if you tend to seek sensory stroking success! What’s a main stage without confetti cannons, piercing lasers, and mystifying fog, anyway?! Supernova Stage posed as a throne to names including Bassnectar, Marshmello, Drezo, NGHTMRE, etc.
  • Satellite Room— This seemingly underground warehouse area offered a unique vibe. Although the space was dark and complete with army-style netting from ceiling to floor, don’t for a split second worry it wasn’t decked out with neon lights and beams! Reminding me of classic warehouse functions, spending time in this room was quite nostalgic and green light granting to let loose and be free. A unique design in this dungeon disco space was the stack of water tanks decked out in dancing LED light ropes. This hypnotizing fixture made the side stage seem not so secondary. Artist contrast in this space ranged from Destructo to Smokepurpp and many more rappers, which was dope to see.


Lights All Night was no doubt home to primarily kandi kids and your typical rave-goers. As expected, this was an event that became home to music lovers from all walks of life, in which made my heart happy. I mean, who WOULDN’T be stoked to report an “all are welcome” vibe? My favorite part about this group of festival goers was that you couldn’t tell who the Lights All Night returnees were. In fact, inclusivity was in the air and we all were on one mission: To merge and uplift others to have a damn good time! The sight of Mellogang bucket heads crushing it on the dance floor alongside those repping Bassnecar bassdrops was timeless. Truly, the bottom line is this: anyone willing to dive into an atmosphere with bombing bass lines, let their mind open and heart run wild, and trusting in energy that promotes a festival for the books, would allow one of the best events to catapult them into a new year— LIGHTS ALL NIGHT!

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