What’s Going On With GRiZ (And is He Changing His Name?!)

written by Lucas Carpenter

Feature image by Don Idio of Festival Squad


Grant Kwiecinski, aka GRiZ, has been leaving a trail of hints over social media about some upcoming changes going on around him.

What’s Happening With All Good Records?

For starters, it is almost certain that All Good Records will be dissolving. The website has officially been taken down and their bio on Twitter currently reads “Thank You”.

Furthermore, speculation is growing that he will be signing on with a larger label. Rumors say that the labels he could potentially be joining are either Atlantic or Madison House, but there is no evidence to support either yet. Our team thinks that is what his “it’s about time we talked.” tweet is referring to. Who knows what this could mean for the future of GRiZ and the influence it will have on any new music.

Will GRiZ’s Sound Change?

Taking an example from history, when Wiz Khalifa first signed to his first big music label, it significantly changed his style of music. Fans said that he “sold out” as he began to make radio hit songs. Coming from us, and many other GRiZ fans, we sincerely hope that is not the case. However, depending on the details of the speculated new contract, it could have huge implications on the creative authority that GRiZ has over the music he releases.

With that being said, this could take a completely different spin. We could definitely see GRiZ wanting to focus more on his GRiZ Live Band project, and could be using this to take that to the next level. The Live Band route would be quite the opposite of selling out and making radio hits.

Only time will tell where all of this goes, but we already know that we plan to support GRiZ in whatever he decides and he has already contributed so much to EDM, the music industry, his fans, and to communities across the country and beyond.

Is GRiZ Changing His Name?

It seems awfully peculiar that GRiZ took to his Instagram to delete everything except for a blank piece of paper with tape.  We’re curious that the separation between GRiZ and All Good Records may also mean the separation of his name. Could the blank piece of paper indicate a clean slate, a fresh start, and a new look? We’re not sure, but we can’t wait to find out.


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