Down the Rabbit Hole to Beyond Mexico

Festival Goers, I hereby invite you to come celebrate my very unbirthday! Come join me down the rabbit hole this year where we get to let our imaginations wonder. This year our magical rabbit hole can be found in the one and only Parque Fundidora of Monterrey, Mexico! If you have not checked out what this venue looks like you should look it up now. The park they have chosen for the second ever Mexico edition is massive and almost looks like a theme park the way it is set up.

The Stages

With a park so massive it looks like they will have plenty of room to spread out all four stages. Insomniac has been known for coming up with some pretty magical stages for Beyond Wonderland. The main stage this year takes the name of The Queens Domain, a musical realm fit for royalty, where you’re sure to hear sounds beyond compare. My best guess is that one would find artists like Tiesto, Marshmello and Lost Frequencies at this stage. The underground stage takes the name of the Caterpillar’s Garden, which has been said, will hold a hidden world of underground sounds. There will also be a Mad Hatter’s Castle and a Boombox art car, which will be roving around through various locations throughout the festival grounds. The Boombox art car is where you can discover up and coming artists who are about to break out in the industry.

The Festival Grounds

Get ready to let your imagination wonder this year, with now eight years of experience in throwing Beyond Wonderland, Insomniac will not disappoint. Expect to see tons of interactive graffiti art, giant psychedelic murals, and massive themed wonderland sculptures. While exploring the festival, you will also see performers dressed in costumes from Royal Roses, Leopard Ladies, a variety of curious creatures and if you are lucky you will spot Alice and the Queen walking around. What is so special about this event is how many of the actual attendees also dress up in costume.

Variety of Performances

This year Beyond Wonderland has secured so many amazing acts it may be hard to choose between who to see. With acts like Tiesto, Marshmello, W&W, Robin Shultz, Lost Frequencies, Green Velvet, Aly & Fila, and Snails to name a few. You may find yourself in a situation of having that to choose between two amazing acts. The legendary Bro Safari will also be making his first ever Mexico debut this year. The Insomniac team has done a fantastic job of securing a wide variety of genres.

So what will this cost you?

You can grab a round trip ticket down this rabbit hole for about $40 USD. Pretty crazy to think that for all of the performers they have secured and with the amazing venue the price is so affordable. If you want to come you can purchase a ticket here.

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