GRiZ Throws it Back to the Mad Liberation Days!

photo by Don Idio

A few days ago, GRiZ tweeted something that had fans scheming to what his next idea was that he was going to announce…

Personally, I thought he was going to announce something completely different, but man was I wrong!

For all of the OG GRiZ fans, this is going to be a show that everyone who has been following him for years has been wishing for. This show will be in Aspen, Colorado on Monday March 19, 2018 at Belly Up. For those who are not familiar with Belly Up, it is a small intimate venue in the mountains that has a capacity of 450 people (325 if it is a seated show). This small venue will make this a very intimate set for GRiZ and his fans who were lucky to score tickets when they dropped this morning at 11am MST (sold out within a minute!). I have never been to Belly Up before, but it makes sense to travel out to Aspen for the first time to see my favorite artist!

Mad Liberation is my favorite album that GRiZ has released to this day (It is what got me into GRiZ and the festival community in 2013). If you were one of the lucky fans to score a ticket to this show, this will be a throwback to the old days (play the old shit bitch!) I cannot wait for this show and for all of my friends who were lucky to snag a ticket as well!

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