Blue Madonna In My Head Now

I’ve been using every ounce of will power in my body to refrain from spilling all about this new album to you guys, yet I am weak. Think of your favorite artist. Imagine finding that artist back in 2014, and there are only about 4 songs released by them. A full album doesn’t fall into your hands until late 2015. You soak that album up with all you can, and you don’t see another one until 2018.

This album was going to be released on a Friday, but the agony was killing me all week (and it seemed as if the universe only wanted to intensify that). I work at an Urban Outfitters in Florida. At the Urban Outfitters store in LA, this artist was going to be performing for everyone who bought a copy of the new album on vinyl. I was pathetically looking into how long store transfers would take, because come on, that’s one of the biggest teases on the planet! The other biggest tease? The fact that there was a box in our back stock, filled with those exact vinyls that I couldn’t open until Friday. I had to walk by that box multiple times a day, shedding a tear each time. Now that I have completely over dramatized this entire situation, you have an idea of how insanely excited I was for Blue Madonna by BØRNS to finally be out.

Featuring the singles that were released in the months leading up to January 12th, “Faded Heart,” “Sweet Dreams,” “I Don’t Want U Back,” and the brilliant “God Save Our Young Blood” ft. Lana Del Rey, Blue Madonna is incredible, sensual, pure, indie, pop, psychedelic, perfect art.

Lana and BØRNS together is something that would happen only in your wildest dreams. “God Save Our Young Blood,” makes me want to scream, cry, and not breathe all at once. So you could imagine my reaction when I’m listening my way through the album, and I get to the title track, only find out that Lana Del Rey is featured on that one too. Her part at the very end of the song, “Blue Madonna,” alone is enough to make me want to say that this is the best album to ever happen to me.

BØRNS is making his way around the globe for this tour, with a few stops in Australia alongside Lana Del Rey as well. Of course, the concert gods are never on my side, and he will not be making a stop in Florida. He is, however, making one on February 6th in Atlanta which is just a cute little six hour drive which I’m certainly thinking about making.

Check out if BØRNS is making a stop near you, and grabs some tickets here!

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