10 Things You Hear at a Festival

With all of these mind-blowing lineups being released, we can slowly feel that festival season is among us.
This means we will most likely be hearing these top 10 phrases or comments during the festivals..

“Who’s playing main stage?”

Because when do we ever memorize who’s playing at what stage?

“More glitter please!”

How much glitter is too much? The limit does not exist!

“I need water”

Are we in a drought? Or did I just sweat all of my liquids out by dancing too hard?

“Where are you from?”

Camping neighbors = roommates for the weekend

“I love this song”

~As I try to shazam a live song~ Fail.

“Can I have a cigarette?”

& a lighter too?

“That drop was sick!”

& always stand as close to the speaker as possible… not only do you hear the music you can feel  it.

“Let’s take a group pic!”

There’s always that one person.. and that person will always be me.

“I can’t hear you, text me.”

Why do we even pickup our phones when we are 1 foot away from the speaker?

“Are you guys ready to party?!” – DJ playing

We love our Djs, but we love their music more.. less talking, more music.

While I am definitely guilty of saying a few of these (more glitter.. always!),
I can’t wait to be in attendance of all the festivals coming up!

What new things will you hear in 2018?

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