Festival Squad and Festival Goers Unite: What Will Change?

Change is one of the best things that we can do to better ourselves. We change our hair to feel refreshed, we change the furniture in our house to get a reset feel, or we change where we live to get a fresh start. Today in the festival world, we are experiencing change. Festival Squad and Festival Goers have announced a unity in order to truly serve the festival community. Festival Squad will combine its festival community driven website with the social community built by Festival Goers for a complete 360 view on festivals worldwide. Both teams are excited to announce this massive shift in the festival community and are excited to work together under the name Festival Goers.


  • Festival Squad is changing its name to Festival Goers! The team has LOVED being Festival Squad, but feel that the name Festival Goers embodies any person who ever goes to a festival (squads included!). 
  • Festival Squad’s Facebook Page will merge with Festival Goers under the new name within a week
  • The Twitter account will be (@FestivalGooers), give us a follow!
  • Our Instagram will now be (@FestivalGoersOfficial), check out the page!

Our website will stay the same… for now… but we have a revamp in the works and a name change coming (FestivalGoers.com). 

We are so excited about all these changes and we hope you are too! Please feel free to reach out if you’d like any more details on these changes. Welcome to Festival Goers!



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