Ultra Music Festival: Pro Tips on Securing Your Ticket

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Ultra Music Festival

While many of us are rejoicing that we scored Ultra tickets for the 20th anniversary, several Ultranauts have had issues with purchasing due to credit card issues. Ultra is the most popular electronic music festival in the United States. The site is quite busy right now and purchasing tickets could take some time as the 20th anniversary has more interest than previous years. If you have had issues purchasing your ticket I have some suggestions for how to “beat the system.”

Credit cards are the only payment acceptable for purchasing your ticket. Do make sure that you check with your bank before this transaction, and alert them that you are making the purchase personally. If you have never attended before, some banks will not allow you to make the purchase until you call and let them know that the charge is not fraudulent. If you do not have a credit card, ask a friend in your group going to purchase yours. Tickets have gone super fast. Tier 4 is left, and you can purchase 4 tickets. Be aware that tickets purchased together will only come with one Ultra Package with swag. Unfortunately, debit cards, Pay Pal, money orders, and cash transfers will not be approved by the system. I have heard some have gotten lucky with debit cards, but to be safe use your most frequently used credit card.

Check with your banking establishment that your correct mailing address and zip code are in the system, and use that same address when filling out your information on the Ultra website. If you are purchasing more than one ticket for the same household, using 2 different credit cards can alleviate many issues with the purchasing process.

There is also a payment plan option to help those who don’t have the cash up front, but still want to attend in March. Three installments of $162.81 with a $9.95 processing fee make this festival affordable to everyone on a tighter budget.

If all else fails, Ultra Support can be reached here by following the instructions on the drop down menu.

Purchase your tickets now to lock in your Ultra tickets before they sell out. Myself and many other fans are predicting the earliest sell out thanks to the 20th anniversary celebration!  Tickets are available here: https://ultramusicfestival.com/tickets/miami/

We will see you in Miami for the 20th!

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