Which Coast Is The Best Coast? Dirtybird Florida Coming in February!

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Dirtybird

Well, there goes my foot in my mouth, yet again. I said no more camping fests yet here I am, putting my name on the list for the Dirtybird Campout East.

What better place to camp than Florida in February? Yes, you heard me, as many fans had assumed, Florida is chosen location for this inaugural event. I suppose my festival season is starting early this year and I couldn’t be more pleased! This lineup is perfect reason for any camper, or in my hopeful case “glamper” to travel for:

So many favorites and this is only the first wave! A newly released video accompanied the fire lineup announcement. Watch it here.

I for one can’t wait to challenge Will Clarke to a water-balloon fight. That would just make my year. Hearing that the DJs are the “Camp Counselors” makes this experience all the more worth every penny.

Start making your travel plans now. Click here to see where in the world you’ll be heading come February. Flying into Orlando leaves you with a 45 min to 1 hour drive to the venue. Start your ride sharing plans now, campers!!

Want to follow me on my festing year? Want to squad up? Send me an email at [email protected], Follow me on Facebook at Jennifer Dawn Fall, and Instagram @basicbitchery for travel updates!

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