XLIVE 2017 Las Vegas: The Networking Event of the Year for Festival Professionals

photo by Sage Thomas for Festival Squad

As we wind down from festival season in 2017, I look back and am amazed at what our community has accomplished. This is year we have truly seen the evolution of festivals. From the incredible execution of Oregon Eclipse to the birth of Middlelands, the festival community continues to grow along with the demand for revolutionary ideas. At these festivals, technology has embedded itself in art, music has fostered political discussions, and festivals have proven once again to be a powerful outlet for creativity and human bonding. Have you ever stopped and wondered who makes the community what it is? Who is shaping the festival ecosystem and who are the thought leaders behind these events? XLIVE 2017 Las Vegas is a forum for leaders, festival organizers, and of course, the fans.

From Live Nation to Superfly, founders of various well-known festivals, and enthusiasts gather to perfect what is the ultimate festival goer experience. Attending XLIVE means 3 days of non-stop festival discussions, Q&A panels, and building on ideas. This event, which takes place December 10-13 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV is an event that cannot be missed for those aspiring to get involved in the festival industry. This event is one of the few in its kind which allow barriers to be broken between festival attendees and its organizers, and you don’t want to miss it!


Are you ready to head to Vegas? So are we. Grab your tickets HERE. And for those who are especially technically savvy, you can even buy your tickets in Bitcoin. See you there!

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