One Love Fest is Leading the Way With Vendor Community-Focused Fashion Show

photos by Sage Thomas for Festival Squad

guest written by Dr. Molly Ann

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


The Need To Fest

Some might say that our faith in humanity continues to be tested with the current political climate and recent national tragedies. If you attend one festival this year with the intention of strengthening your faith in humanity, let it be One Love. Built on community, respect, and responsibility, the One Love Art & Music Festival is bringing people together for a transformational experience unlike any other festival out there.Organizers are promising attendees will find a renewed sense of community, respect, and heaven forbid – a ton of amazing down to earth and well-intentioned folks coming together to create magic! It seems that looking damn good while raising your consciousness has become a priority for festival-goers this year.

One group that at the heart of every festival experience are the tireless creative folks collectively known as vendors. Vendors come to festivals hoping to sell and that can be scary sometimes.Fears about getting lost in the mix, or not securing a lucrative booth location, or just not selling (and losing money) are usually on the minds of even the highest vibration vendors. Organizers of One Love are aiming to help alleviate some of these common concerns and create a sense of community. Organizers will be spotlighting some amazing vendors during a first-ever One Love Fashion Show.

Festival Flavors and the One Love Fashion Show

The goal of the fashion show is to give the vendor community more opportunity for fun instead of just coming to setup a booth where the customers may or may not show up through their organic, grass roots marketing and social media blasts.Aligned with the mission of One Love, sponsors of the fashion show Chris Jackson and Reza Samadi are focusing on the community aspect of the fashion show. The fashion show is helping vendors feel more like part of a community during the weeks leading up to the festival.

Festival Flavors is the sponsor for this first ever vendor community-focused fashion show. Their website is the ultimate festival marketplace. They are re-inventing festival style guides and attending to specialty and curated festival shopping needs. Festival Flavors is adding new vendors to their website everyday and is quickly becoming the Amazon of festival shopping.  They just released a specialized style guide especially for One Love – check it out HERE.

The fashion show is putting vendors in the spotlight. The show will be aligned with the general ethos of the festival, but will also have its own unique flavor as well. This highly anticipated event is designed to enhance your One Love experience while simultaneously brining vendors together.

The festival will spotlight up to six vendors during the fashion show. Each of the six vendors will showcase unique pieces from their collections.  A few of the vendors already confirmed to participate include: Conscious Collective, Puff the Magic Hats, and Future Eyes.

In contrast to traditional high-intensity, fashion shows, the One Love fashion show is being described as low intensity and more on a “human level”. In planning discussions, organizers emphasized they didn’t want to make the fashion show an additional layer of stress for either vendors or attendees, so they are giving lost of flexibility in terms of participation and time lines for the event to be flexible around anticipated lineups.

The models were recruited from the One Love community to participate in the fashion show. They are an integral part of the One Love community; not hired “lookers” for the runway. In planning this aspect of the show, organizers didn’t want outsiders on the runway and felt it was important that spectators genuinely feel connected to the models.


The One Love Fashion Show is going to be an absolute must-see. Set a reminder for late night Saturday, October 21st so you don’t miss this highly anticipated event. The show is tentatively scheduled for 1am (early Sunday morning) following DJ Dan’s performance on the Abundance Stage.

Event Details
Following DJ DAN
Abundance Main Stage

Check lineup times when you arrive to confirm.

Fashion Show Participants

Conscious Collective

Puff the Magic Hats

Future Eyes

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