Haunt Us Anytime, Boo! AZ

The second annual Boo! Arizona haunted us with its spectacular sounds two weeks ago, but it is still on everyone’s mind because this year brought a completely new vibe compared to the previous year. Although bass music is the focus of Boo, this year brought varying sounds of bass music from each DJ. Monxx is known for his unique sound of riddim but when he missed his set he was added to the Crizzly B2B 12th Planet set. Most attendees were discouraged at first but were immediately blown away by the perfect way that their sounds melded from start to finish. The incredible duo Relentless Beats and Insomniac is a force you want to reckon with for your Halloween show experience.

The first year of this festival was dominated by a lineup consisting of mostly dubstep DJs, but this year brought out more artists like KSHMR, Laidback Luke, and Bro Safari. Each DJ brought something different to the lineup and made it so a broader audience could enjoy this spooky October event. Bro Safari focused on his well-known genre of trap while KSHMR stuck to his sound of psychedelic trance. Each and every Dj brought the fire and kept everyone dancing all night long, but the last act truly had each and every person who witnessed it truly stunned. Zomboy closed out the night and one might think that the crowd would have been tired from headbanging all night long, but this was not the case. Zomboy from start to finish played some of his well-known bangers like “Don’t Let Me Down” remix but also incorporated his hard-hitting new EP Rock N Rotten including songs like “Biterz” and “Young & Dangerous”. From dubstep to trap to riddim, Boo had it all and this event will be something people will be talking about for a long time.

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