The Three Bangin’ Stages at The Underworld

photo by Steven Molina for Festival Squad

We are one short day away from the bass-heavy The Underworld, a rave haven for all the Halloween freaks. The event, which takes place at Rawhide, in Chandler, AZ is one that cannot be missed. The event commences at 7pm and is held until 2am, with three main stages for your viewing pleasure.

The festival describes the scenarios of their three main stages:


A place where fast, pulsating beats and electrifying energy will stimulate your soul into a gyrating state of exhilaration and delight.


A place of driving beats and hypnotic bass lines, where the gathered host of ravers will escape all perception of time and space.


A place of bone crushing BASS and devastating drops, where only the hardest dare to venture.

Can you guess which artist is playing where? Join Hades on Saturday October 28th at the Rawhide Event Center as we return to The Underworld – A Fully Themed Halloween rave! Tickets available HERE. 

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