The Bass Gods Have Answered Our Prayers

Photo by ATS Photography

“To say I’m excited for this tour would be a massive understatement,”

-G Jones


In need of some bass therapy? I know I am.

Grimy bass genius, G Jones, has had quite a busy summer with Oregon Eclipse, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and so many other bangin’ festivals under his belt, but it doesn’t stop there. Like a gift from the heavens, it’s coming- G Jones has announced a North American tour featuring EPROM and Mad Zach, a collaboration that has fans going crazy. This one’s for the bass lovers that just can’t get enough, where one set just doesn’t do it. It grimy, it’s trappy, and you don’t wanna miss it.

The initial announcement has gifted Arizona, California, and Nevada with the first couple stops and the excitement is roaring. Forget your usual openers and headliners because G Jones and EPROM are going both solo and b2b EVERY night. And for our friends in other parts of North America and beyond- don’t worry, your time is coming. The tour will continue throughout the rest of 2017. 

Catch G Jones at The Crescent Ballroom on 09/21 in Phoenix, AZ (Tickets available HERE) OR on his next stop on the tour near you!

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