REZZ releases second album Mass Manipulation

guest written by Joshua Andrews

How do you say break-art artist two years in a row? Isabelle Rezazadeh or REZZ. She has been talking the music world by storm. From small clubs to main stage at your favorite festival.

With the release of her first album, it’s now apparent that she is here to stay. If her previous EP’s didn’t sell you enough, this album is REZZ’s sound from start to finish. She has even collaborated with the likes of k?d and Kotekto name a few. The deep heavy alien vibes are all throughout. They take you into her mind and then take your soul! I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped as well as her cult following of 10,000+ and growing.

A couple tracks to really go into detail on, Because I could write about every track. But first up “Green Gusher”, if you know REZZ, you have been waiting for this one and it’s perfect! This is a banger. From when the first beat drops, it has your whole body moving. And by the end of the song you are jumping up and down! She has made an amazing follow up to Purple Gusher.

Second track that I can’t get enough of is Diluted Brains. Having seen this performed by her at Electric Forest, I gotta say it’s amazing to have it on repeat. This one takes you down the spooky hallway in her brain and the door at the end of this hallway walks you out to space. This is a favorite among many!

Last track to touch on is Ascension. This is her collaboration with Kotek and this track is going to bring the crowd all the way to the front! It’s amazing when she collaborates with any artist. Her sound and Kotek’s are put together amazingly well. The first handful of times this played I always caught my self looking down at my phone like “what song is this??”.

REZZ has done it again! Listen to the full album here!


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