Celebrate Labor Day in the City of Brotherly Love

photos from Made in America Facebook

Made in America is one of those festivals with impeccable timing. It’s a two day festival the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend in the closed down streets of Philadelphia. It’s hard to get more American than being decked out in stars and stripes listening to worldwide music while having a Budweiser beside a statue of George Washington ready to march the streets on his horse. The City of Brotherly Love accepts everyone with open arms, especially during Made in America.

The city got its nickname from founder William Penn in his effort to give people a place to worship freely. To an extent, music festivals provide that sanctuary for people to express their freedoms to the max. City festivals always have a different vibe to them for a couple reasons.

Lodging: Most city festivals do not have camping; this one is no different. Whether you stay at a friends place, an Airbnb, hotel, motel, hostel, etc it’s not wise to gamble sleeping on the streets. With having to find lodging somewhere in the city it forces you to interact with the thousands of general public who are not attending the festival. Which is always interesting.

I’d rather camp, but city lodging has its obvious perks. The access to shower and feel like a clean human before entering the festival daily. Recharging all electronics. Possibly home cooked food. Somewhere comfortable to lay your head. Site seeing even if its just on the way to the festival and back. City festivals allow you to bring your A game everyday because you have the access to fully recharge at a home base.

Scenery: I haven’t been to Philadelphia yet, but I can appreciate going to different cities and seeing things from their point of view for a few days. The air is different, the people, the culture, skyscraper backdrops and so on. Everything is more vibrant and lively by default. For Made in America attendees will occupy one of the busier historical areas in the city.

The nice thing about Benjamin Franklin Parkway is that trees align the roadway to provide some greenery. The historical land should provide natural energy considering the theme and time of the festival. Most of the photos I’ve seen from previous years have plenty of red, white, and blue worn by many different smiling faces. With the support of United Way and ACLU of Pennsylvania (American Civil Liberties Union) Made in America has potential to be an extremely harmonious and patriotic Labor Day event.

Curfew: I mean sound ordinance. Its pretty lame that city festivals end way before 2 am. Oh well. Since city festivals end so early there are usually after parties or post festival concerts somewhere through crosstown traffic. And again you find yourself in the general public with their own late night madness so its like a weird clash of worlds. Maybe you encounter a rowdy bunch just leaving Paddy’s Pub, who knows?

Nevertheless you have to be sharp enough because you can’t just come across your campsite at any hour. It’s better to have friends for city festivals. Two plus minds are always better, more rational, and maybe safer than one; especially when the freaks come out.

If you’re looking for quick Labor Day plans Made in America is a good look. The lineup is packed with Grammy Award winning artists, fan favorites, several female acts, upcoming artists, and even a rock band named Mannequin Pussy. September will be here quicker than you know it. Better act fast!

See you in Philadelphia, PA September 2nd-3rd. Get your tickets here!

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