Alison Wonderland transforms Visuals with Microsoft

photo by Don Idio

From creating music in her bedroom and throwing parties in strip clubs to selling out warehouse shows in her home country Australia, Alex Sholler, or better known as Alison Wonderland, has become a huge hit in the United States since her debut at Coachella in 2015. I stumbled upon her music shortly after her EDC Orlando set in 2015 and instantly fell in love with her discography. Did I also mention that she plays the cello too?

Her upcoming tour starts in Columbus, Ohio on September 14 and ends in Vancouver, BC on October 18. In a recent video that was released by Microsoft, Alison Wonderland confirmed that her tour will feature new music and new visuals. What is so significant about this you ask? Alison Wonderland stated that she is using the Microsoft Surface tour kit to create new visuals for her upcoming shows she is performing across North America.

The concept behind the use of the Microsoft Surface tour kit is that they are utilizing a Kinect to track the depth of Alison Wonderland on stage and letting the Surface drive the effects to create a unique set of visuals while she performs. “When I perform, I like to really lose myself. My goal at every show is to connect. I want people when they come to my shows to feel like they’ve gone through an experience.” As said by Sholler. For an artist who loves to have her fans connect with her emotionally during her sets makes Alison Wonderland special.

For those who have seen Alison Wonderland before know how passionate she is when it comes to performing. I remember the first time I had the opportunity to see Alison Wonderland was in Orlando back in 2016 and was not disappointed with her performance. My favorite part of her sets is her explaining the meaning behind the song she is playing.

Although I will not be attending any stops on the upcoming tour, her fans should be thrilled about a new album being released and new visuals for this tour!

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