Artist Spotlight: FRENSHIP

All it took was one song and I was hooked. Cue the insanely catchy sound of “Capsize”, a song that drew me to one of my favorite musical groups to date, Frenship. Emily Warren’s silky smooth voice graces the hit track most have heard by now. “Capsize” put them on the map and in my heart.

Consisting of James Suderland and Brett Hite, Frenship was formed in 2013 at a Lululemon store. Yes, you read that correctly. The indie pop duo literally met while working at the high-end fitness store and became a fan of each other’s music. Have you heard anything more relevant to Apple music-loving athleisure wearing millennials? Probably not. Honestly, this group is so new that I had to dig for this information. My friends and I could go on and on for days about Frenship. My boyfriend is entirely sick of hearing about how much I love them. Little does he know that I will cry happy tears upon seeing them live. 

This group has produced one EP, Truce. I have to admit, I check iTunes like a crazy person in anticipation of an album release. When will they release new music? Who knows. When will I see them live? OCTOBER. THREE MONTHS TO GO. In case you’re wondering where-I’m taking the desert by storm at Lost Lake Festival. The group is currently on tour with Bastille, another favorite of mine. Let me take this time to also recommend another incredible song, “Carpet”. I’m digging this acoustic version.

Obsessed yet? Follow Frenship on Instagram, check out their fall tour schedule, and hop on the bandwagon. 


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