Music Midtown: To Bring Or Not To Bring

As Music Midtown is getting closer and closer (officially less than a month away), I figured I better start planning that trip to Georgia before my life is consumed by a new job and the start of fall semester. If you haven’t planned for Midtown yet either, you might want to join me on this one.

Aside from planning the whole (boring) transportation and where to stay part of the trip, there might be another part that you have to consider: things you can’t bring into the festival.

I’ve been pretty lucky in my festing adventures, in that I haven’t come across any strict rules with the “not allowed in” part of the security process. I guess there’s a first for everything.

Backpacks orĀ CamelbaksĀ 

No backpacks of any size (Only SMALL bags allowed. Consider finally giving in and purchasing a fanny pack), and no hydration packs (No, not even your Vibedration pack can go. Guess life isn’t always a party). BUT you can stay hydrated, one factory sealed water bottle or one empty reusable bottle will be allowed in.

Hammocks, Umbrellas, or Selfie Sticks

But you can bring blankets, towels, or sheets to rest on or make some shade. As far as your selfies, bring a really tall friend with long arms.

Skateboards, Scooters, Bicycles, Wagons, or Carts

Chill there, Thrasher.

Large Chains or Spiked Jewlery

I know, I know. I wanted to go all out for Blink-182 just as much as you did, but a band tee will have to do this time.

Totems or Flags

Can’t easily pick your friends out in a crowd, but at least you’ll be able to clearly see the stage now.

In all seriousness, these rules aren’t to be a pain, it’s for the safety of their guests. Imagine being responsible for the safety of thousands and thousands of people for two days. You would want to eliminate any possible accident-causing objects as much as possible. So if you’re heading out to Midtown next month, don’t give security a hard time. Check out the full list of prohibited items, and leave all this stuff at home. I promise you won’t miss it.

Music Midtown hits Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 16th and 17th. Grab your tickets here!





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