Will Tomorrowworld Return in 2018?

written by Alyssa DiCaterino

While Tommorrowland Weekend 2 is coming to a close in Belgium, those of us back in the U.S. now have hope that its daughter-fest will be making a comeback.

LifeStyle, the American promo company that took the reigns after the bankruptcy of SFX Entertainment, seems to be in good contact with Tommorowland in approaching the reinstallment of the US fest. According to Tommorowland’s spokesperson, Debby Wilmsen: “The relations between SFX and Tomorrowland were acidified, but now that new people are in control of the current LiveStyle, there is a new approach.”

So it seems like we will be seeing a return of TomorrowWorld, but as to exactly when and where? We hope it will return to Georgia in 2018, but we can’t tell just quite yet. Stay tuned for more details.

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