Nocturnal Wonderland: Up all Night

Photos by Insomniac

With the Nocturnal Wonderland lineup released, it is no wonder why we can’t sleep. Mark your calendars and pack your bags, because September 15th and 16th are quickly approaching! This 2 day festival in San Bernadino is set to be one for the books! Nocturnal Wonderland will feature five different stages, each with their own unique feel and style. Needless to say, this lineup is stacked, Excision, K?d, Autograf, Point Point, and Chet Porter are just a few of the many names this lineup has to offer. Not excited yet? This festival doesn’t just have music, there is also camping, yoga, a water park, arts & crafts, and a silent disco!

The Stage Layout

Wolve’s Den

If you are hungry like the wolves, for EDM then this stage is going to be a blast! Wildly dancing creatures will claim their habitat at this stage. There is no doubt that many of those wild animals will be the festival goers themselves!


This stage will have you puzzled as to why you aren’t dancing more! This stage often hosts various trance artists throughout the festival. Expect colorful designs, abstract shapes, and maybe even a trapeze artist or two!

Sunken Garden

Looking for somewhere to release your energy? The Sunken Garden is definitely the place to do it! Expect high energy Drum and Bass, and heavy dubstep at this incredible stage. The flora and fauna is said to be picturesque according to the festival’s site.

Temple Noctem

If music is your sanctuary then expect to escape to Temple Noctem. Although it is unclear what kind of music will be featured at this stage, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Boombox Art Car

If you are searching for that BOOMing bass, look no further! The Boombox Art Car will be blasting some of our favorite tunes at Nocturnal Wonderland. “You never know who’ll be on the decks inside the tape deck” according to the festivals experience page. Tune back in to Festival Squad to see who made a surprise appearance!

The Extras


Camping is one of the best parts of any festival, and Nocturnal Wonderland is no exception. With options to camp with a tent, car, or RV the ability to camp has never been easier! Spend 3 days taking in the sights and bonding! Camping passes can be found here.


Feeling tense? Try doing some yoga in the morning! With a yoga mat and good vibes, seizing the day will have never been easier.


One thing Insomniac can pride itself in is the art installations. They create a visual aesthetic that is almost unrivaled. Expect crazy creatures, three-dimensional superstructures, luminescent lights, and more at this festival!

-Silent Disco

Don’t want the night to end? Head over to the silent disco after hours to keep the party going.

-Water Park

It can certainly get quite hot in San Bernadino. Luckily, Nocturnal Wonderland will operate water slides from 10am-5pm Friday and Saturday!

Nocturnal Wonderland holds a special place in our hearts because of the incredible experience it provides. If great music, yoga, camping, and water parks sound like fun to you, this is not a festival you want to miss.

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