5 Artists You Can’t Miss at Music Midtown

Music Midtown is creeping up on us and I’m starting to get more and more excited to see some amazing artists hit Piedmont Park this September 16th and 17th. Some really talented groups tend to be washed away by the headliners (and I mean, let’s be real, it’s hard when you have Blink-182, Mumford and Sons, Future, and Bruno Mars as your headliners). I’m here to maybe introduce you or remind you of some serious gems below the four big names on this lineup. As a wise woman once said:

Young the Giant

I feel like these guys are just as popular as they are easily forgotten. Here’s a tip for you if you’re going to Music Midtown: DON’T FORGET THEM. The insane talent that comes with Young the Giant, paired with their onstage aura is something you definitely shouldn’t want to miss.  I’ve fallen in love with this band more and more with each time I see them.

Two Door Cinema Club

Embarrassing confession (but I for real can’t be the only one): I first heard this band in 2011 thanks to the movie Soul Surfer. I will be praying to the festival gods on this one. Every time I had planned to see Two Door Cinema Club live, something hops in my way. Situations as ridiculous as President Obama flying out of the same airport as you, so your flight is delayed. You miss will call hours to pickup your wristband. You miss the entire first day of a festival. And worst of all, you miss Two Door Cinema Club. “Thanks Obama” (love you). So, please dearest festival gods, let things go well this time.

Milky Chance

The first time I heard Milky Chance, I was on a ferris wheel at only my second music festival. I wanted to jump off the thing to get closer to the stage and see who was performing that catchy song I think we’re all familiar with, “Stolen Dance.” Of course, I couldn’t jump off; however, I did eventually figure out who was performing, but I didn’t have a chance to see them again until just last month. Give their set a CHANCE (ha, get it… sorry) at Music Midtown.

Judah & the Lion

These guys finally got some of the recognition they deserved after opening up for Twenty One Pilots alongside Jon Bellion on the last leg of the Emotional Roadshow Tour and part of Tour de Columbus. Their album, Folk Hop ‘N Roll, just about perfectly describes they type of music Judah & the Lion brings forward. It’s always a blast dancing with friends or strangers during their set. Their performance at Music Midtown is going to be a fun time without a doubt.


My first experience with COIN was terrifying. Being pushed so hard that at one point your feet aren’t touching the ground (and not in a cool mosh pit kinda deal) by screaming fans in a very oversold, GA, tiny venue is not my cup of tea. COIN at a festival, totally different story and much more my kinda thing. Nothing like a cute fuzzy headed boy singing the words “I don’t wanna dance” over and over again while very much dancing.

See you in Atlanta, Georgia September 16th-17th. Grab your tickets here!



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