ODESZA has amassed a large following since Summers Gone, so it is not easy figuring out what the boys are up to. However, Clayton and Harrison (the two members of ODESZA) announced that they would hold a Q&A on Twitter at 11 AM PT on July 22nd. After answering questions for about an hour, the guys signed off. We’ve collected ten of our favorite questions that they answered on Twitter!

1. A typical day in the life?

2. They told us the craziest thing a fan has ever done…

3.What their DAW( Digital Audio Workstation) consisted of…

4.Which song took the longest to make off the new album?

5.How they catapulted into fame…

6. The creative differences between producing and creating their live shows?

7. Are they adopting one of their fans?

8. They agreed to perform at someone’s wedding…with a catch!?

9. A fan asked if there would be any more of the “No Sleep” mixes…

10. The possibility of a Foreign Family Festival?!

From the serious inquiries to the hilarious ones, ODESZA answered a bunch of questions we had never gotten the answers to. With the new “No Sleep” mix dropping soon, and the possibility of a Foreign Family Festival, we could not be more excited for the future of ODESZA. For the latest and most exclusive news on ODESZA, tune back into Festival Squad!

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