Meet the Mastermind Behind the Festival of the Year

Step aside Coachella and EDC, Electric Porchella Festival is taking the title of Festival of the Year. The explosive new festival has set itself a part from the others by featuring break out performances from Cinnamello and BassSpinner, ingenious production, and an exclusive attendance list.

Electric Porchella was the third installment in a series of renegade events hosted by Front Porch Productions. The organization’s first event, Porchella took the internet by storm early May for it’s creativity and overall litness.

What started out as a way for founder, Kenny Renard, to get over his post festival blues has quickly grown into a sensation on the world wide web. Things got so crazy at on that an attendee was once again found in a tree. Unlike Middlelands, where they had to remove the fan by using a crane, the front porch party raged on.

The latest rendition really stepped things up with a drive by performance of Cinnamello, the visually astounding Living Room Paradox with 17 watts of bass, and secret dumpster set to close out the festival.

We got an exclusive interview with the man behind the hysterical Porchella videos, Kenny Renard, to find out more about him and his inspirations.

Festival Squad: To start can you tell me a little bit more about yourself? Where do you live, do you go to school or work, what’s some of your favorite music?
Kenny Renard: Born in New Orleans, raised in Atlanta, but currently residing in Baton Rouge. I’m currently taking a break from school haha (albeit a long one). As for work I do overnight freight!! It sucks haha. Music though? That’s exponentially vast! It started with indie and alternative but has evolved into most genres under the EDM umbrella !
FS: I know this is probably tough, but who would you say are your top 5 artists these days?
KR: Under EDM or period ?
FS: Period
KR: Excision, Bassnectar, Glass Animals, Chance the Rapper, tie between Tame Impala/Toro y Moi lol.
FS: Love the wide range of artists! I just discover Toro y Moi myself. What festivals have you been to?
KR: Buku, Imagine, Middlelands, Voodoo, not a whole lot I’m a noob
FS: That’s still a good amount! So jealous of Middlelands, I definitely regretted not going. Do you plan to go to any more this year. Also do you have a favorite festival?
KR: Lost Lands and Hulaween! Basscenter if you wanna count that.
FS: Solid festivals! So when did you make your first Porchella video?
KR: Around May 11th or something like that. Was having bad Middlelands withdrawals, and relapsed on my porch.
FS: Nice! So you and your friends got together and how did you create the videos?
KR: At first it was just me and my roommate, then one of my friends happened to walk by laughing and I made him join. Afterwards it started feeling good to rage again even if it was on the porch and we wanted to recreate the festival experiences we just had!
FS: When did all the props start coming in?
KR: More the second video, I wanted to innovate and more of my friends got involved!
FS: Who’s been involved with helping you?
KS: My roommate and two close friends!
FS: What do you tell people when they ask where can they buy tickets?
KR: Haha normally “I got you backstage homie!”
FS: Do you plan to make any more videos?
KR: Of course!

Check out the latest installment of Electric Porchella Festival here!

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