Bonnaroo Producer, Superfly to Launch Denver Festival in 2018

Superfly, the creators of our beloved Bonnaroo, have prevailed in their efforts to bring the next big festival to Denver, Colorado! The 5 year contract will begin the Summer of 2018, so NOW is the time to start marking those calendars. Overland Park Golf Course is the chosen venue for this newest venture and although dates aren’t quite set, the festival will always take place over the second or third weekend of September. Guests can expect a fabulous lineup that highlights the Denver music scene, as well as some of the best food and drink vendors from around the state. Craft beer, anyone?  It is expected that within the first year, 30,000-40,000 people will attend per day, although the permit allows for a whopping 80,000 people daily as the festival grows.


The news is amazing for Colorado festies, as many events held in the state have been forced to leave due to noise-restraints. This is sure to fill the void that the loved and lost Vertex left us with. Backlash towards the event was mainly received from avid-golfers and community members in the Denver area, but Superfly has made the promise to protect the surrounding neighborhoods during the event. This event isn’t coming cheap either, with Superfly having to pay a generous $200,000 lease to have control of the golf course for the setup, duration, and take-down of the festival. However, City of Denver is expected to rake in over $2 million once the festival hits the 70,000 attendee mark.

See you all in Denver next year!


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