Life Is Beautiful, Especially in Las Vegas

Written by Mia Nissen

Time is ticking, and Life is Beautiful’s return to Las Vegas is rapidly approaching! We are ready, and quite frankly, still completely shocked at how fabulous this event is shaping up to be for its 5th year. Art, comedians, and a drop-dead gorgeous lineup awaits us in Downtown Las Vegas from September 22nd to 24th. This event is sure to remind you of why Sin City is the place to be to get away from reality.

Why are we excited for LIB?


The headliners for Life is Beautiful cover each and every genre your heart could desire. You want to cry your eyes out and contemplate an old love? The XX has your back. Do you have some leftover teenager angst that can only be successfully released by belting out ‘All The Small Things’? Good thing we have Blink-182. Did you just score that promotion at work and officially have your swagger back? Schoolboy Q will provide your celebratory soundtrack. And for those of us who have been starstruck by the deep and dynamic sounds of Lorde, this event is also not one to miss. I recently completed a solo 12 hour road trip, that of which 8 hours consisted of (shamelessly) crying, reminiscing, and pumping myself up for the next stage of my life with her newest album, Melodrama, on repeat. Lorde knows how to connect with her audience and communicate raw emotion on every single track and I love it. Her eloquent wording and melodic beats are the reason I will be front and center for her set at LIB- no matter what it takes.

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Art is essential to a comprehensive festival experience- and that doesn’t just mean the stage production. Having installments for attendees to not only see, but touch, feel, and taste is what keeps people coming back for more. Life is Beautiful has once again solidified that this is the event of the summer with their extensive culinary and art offerings. I am most excited to visit the Art Motel- an installment that takes over an abandoned Downtown Las Vegas hotel and allows tens of artists to make it their canvas. Meow Wolf, a super psychedelic art collective out of Sante Fe will be back in the Art Motel again- so this is one not to miss! Their home base, the House of Eternal Return, is a 20,000 square foot interactive art installment where attendees are emerged in an environment with secret passageways and derived of any concept of time or space. I can assure you their takeover at LIB will be just as insane and imaginative!

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Bill Nye

Millennials are the generation that will change the world. How do I know this? Our champion, our leader, our 3rd grade hero, Bill Nye, is helping us lead the change. And lucky for all of us attending LIB, the scientist that first appeared in our lives through a VHS tape is the keynote speaker for the 2017 festival. He is now the CEO of the largest non-profit space interest group, Planetary Society, the star of his newest Netflix series, and the lasting symbol of scientific discovery. Do not miss your opportunity to leave LIB more inspired and ready to make some serious change in the world.

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General Admission tickets are now sold out (Are you surprised?) but if you are ready and willing to make the splurge (so worth it), VIP tickets for Life is Beautiful 2017 are still available here. 

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