Splash House Is A Sun Worshipper’s Paradise

For those who self-identify as Sunshine Worshippers and Desert Dwellers, this one is for you. If the thought of dancing for hours underneath the Palm Springs sunshine doesn’t scare you, but invigorates you, welcome to Splash House. It’s where great music, awesome people, and warm temperatures collide to create the party straight out of our dreams.

This 21+ event is where you need to be from August 11-13th. 


Artists to Catch:

Desert Hearts

This group of fun-loving DJ’s are a party just by themselves. I finally experienced a Desert Hearts takeover at City Hearts LA and was left with a pair of sore feet, a blown mind, and a full heart. These guys know their house and techno and are a reason alone to attend Splash House. Listen to Desert Hearts’ superstar, Marbs, latest deep tech mix to get a taste of what is in store for you next month!



Big Gigantic

I will be the first one to say that I believe all Big Gigantic sets sound the same, and I know I am not alone in this. However, a girl needs her sax fix, and I can always trust Dom and Jeremy to deliver. Their songs are lighthearted and upbeat, and exactly what I want playing as the soundtrack to a pool party on a free and easy summer day. This sexy track is one of my favorites from the duo, so press play and get hyped to get the funk down!


Louis Futon

I am so glad that I am here to tell you about my excitement to see Louis Futon at Splash House. He creates songs and remixes that are ideal for simultaneous grooving-and-margarita-sipping. The remix master has recently been releasing a series of outrageous flips, ranging from the classic “Juicy” to the phenomenal “PRIDE” by Kendrick. These songs all showcase his stellar production skills and ear for detail. Listen below to hear the creative genius, and then take a peek at the process.

Stoked? Tickets are still available HERE!

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