Intergalactic Cosmic Clash

In case you were wondering, I have an odd infatuation for the moon. It only seems appropriate to attend an event called Moonrise Festival. Moonrise is returning to Baltimore, Maryland for it’s fourth year August 12th & 13th with a lineup that’s kind of a big deal. Still new to the game, Moonrise is working out the kinks of its previous years as the Co-Founder/President released a detailed letter addressing past concerns.

It is awesome to hear festival producers listening to their patrons and making adjustments accordingly. At another festival this year some patrons were like “They really listened and made positive changes” (cough, cough Euphoria); which is always good to hear going into a first time at a certain festival. Spirits are high in the Moonrise camp and rightfully so. The interstellar lineup in addition to improvements for a better festival experience sets up Moonrise for one of its most successful years yet.

Things encouraged at Moonrise Festival:

PLEASE, PLEASE HYDRATE!! August is blazing and water is like the simplest thing ever to keep you alive. Consider purchasing a reusable water bottle if you don’t already have one. It only makes sense that almost everyone has a portable water source at all times whether its a water bottle or a Camelbak. Please party with a water source. Duck away from the sun when you have the opportunity as well.

Not only does having a water source keep you upright, but it also helps cut down on the waste. I personally keep my water bottle clipped to my fanny pack with a carabiner. More often than not people toss bottles on the ground five feet from trashcans at festivals. You can play your part by having a water source and picking up a bottle here and there. Please and Thank you.

Bring a totem. Totems are always fun, portable, and handy when constructed appropriately. Conversation starters, points of reference, laughs for days, etc. It shows creativity as well. If you’re traveling to a festival solo, a totem may become your best friend.

Good vibes. I love to see festivals with volunteers walking around and their sole purpose is to make sure you are ok and having a great time. Moonrise has the Star Team. I like the name as it coincides with the spacey theme of the festival. Consider VIP as there’s always room to boogie and meet new people in a less crowded environment.

Moons, stars, and tunes on a summer night. Baltimore we are ready for liftoff!

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