The Two Chets You Can Find at Bonanza Campout

Written in collaboration with Austin Eames 

Bonanza Campout is taking place in T-3 days and we can not be more excited about this second-year Utah festival. Just outside Salt Lake City, Bonanza is held in Herber Utah and the festival decided to go big by inviting out some of the largest names in music. While skimming the flyer, its hard not to notice… there are two Chets hitting this festival! In our humble opinion, both Chets are excellent musicians and worth seeing over the course of this 3-day festival. To those of you who aren’t as familair with the Chets or perhaps know one over the other, we’re here to help you out and share some great information about both artists.



One of the most alluring artists to be seen headlining festivals has been Chet Faker. This singer/songwriter hails all the way from Australia. His soulful ballads and beats are nothing short of well calculated. Chet has also put together quite the band that accompanies him through captivating songs rich with soul and rhythm. If you have had the experience of seeing Chet you likely share  very fond appreciation for this artist. His music and performances intertwine with other rising artists and groups today including Banks, Flume, and Bonobo, some of whom he shares songs and fans.

But will we see Chet Faker under his real name: Nick Murphy. If you search both names in your favorite music app you’ll find incredible tracks under both aliases. Either way, he will perform hits both old and new. This artist has been prolific in the festival scene in the past few years as his mix of incredible composure and musical delivery leave you in a state of wanting more. His rhythm and rhyme in songs like “Talk is Cheap” and “1998”  leave you almost in a trance as it takes you on a journey that flows from start to finish.


Check out some of his biggest hits below and check him out when he hits the Main Stage on Friday night at 11pm. 



On a different side of the musical spectrum lies Toronto native, Chet Porter. Somewhat different from the soulful singer Chet Faker, Chet Porter’s skills as a producer have still brought an incredible amount of emotion to the ears of electronic fans. Chet’s melodic tunes have even captured the audience of high profile musicians, ODESZA and their record label, Foreign Family Collective. He has toured with like-minded future bass artists such as Jai Wolf, and most recently, he has hit a series of festivals and “wow’d” audiences with his sets.


Chet Porter has been able to separate himself in the sea of other electronic musicians by blending electronic music with instruments to create a live performance. He has been recognized for his original music as well as his catchy remixes and is sure to get the crowd moving this weekend. His remix of Hitmane’s “Over U” is happy, fun, and leaves you with a smile on your face. 


Check out some of his biggest hits below and check him out when he hits the Main Stage on Sunday night at 2:45pm. 


Tickets for the weekend and day tickets still available HERE! See you out there!

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