Daft Punk Drops New Music Out of Nowhere [LISTEN HERE]

We’re basically speechless. Daft Punk has just released their newest production with Australian based group, Parcels.


The song is yet to be released but has already made its way amongst several major blogs in the music world. Sit back and enjoy Overnight. 



  • Ben Taylor says:

    Stephanie, “We’re speechless”? Who exactly is we, because I’m not. As a “journalist” this is the the best you got? Come on. Four years after Random Acess Memories, and this could of been a track on it. It’s not new, it’s not fresh, and it basically sounds like “Get Lucky” or “Give Your Life Back to Music”. I wonder if it’s possible for a EDM “journalist” to give a critical review? The song isn’t good, it’s just new. The guitar licks were fun for a bit, and all these collaborations, but they need to move on from it. They need to reinvent their sound, just like they’ve done on each album. I personally think they work the best by themselves. Random Acess Memory was good, but their best albums to me were Homework, Discovery, and Human After All, which was all them. They can do way better.

    • Stephanie Rosa says:

      I totally understand where you’re coming from, Ben. I think the biggest piece of this article stems from the fact that they dropped a song out of no where. I had not heard about it, and neither had our team at Festival Squad. I also will agree with you in the fact that Daft Punk works better on their own. This song is not their best, nor is it my favorite, but it is something worth sharing. Lets see what happens if/when the new album comes out! Only then would I be able to give an actual review on their “new” sound.

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