A Clothing Line For You: Blazed + Confused!

Photos provided by Blazed + Confused

Struggling to find a new clothing line for your fashion needs? Look no more, Blazed + Confused is here to the rescue!

I stumbled across the Instagram page for Blazed + Confused a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but really dig some of the items! Brigitte Johannessen of Austin, Texas launched these designs in August of 2016.

How did Blazed + Confused start? Where did the idea come from?

Honestly, I had been toying with the idea to start an Etsy so I could sell hand-decorated rave wear, but after realizing how over-saturated that market was I wanted to create something unique, something that was lacking in the EDM community. After downloading photoshop and playing around with the software, trying to regain some of my previous skills, I had an idea. What started as a simply creative outlet quickly grew into a passion that I wanted to share. I decided to start Blazed + Confused in order to provide a lifestyle brand that could reflect the strong personalities and flavors of the rave community.

(YES! That is indeed Gabby David! Follow her Instagram page HERE to keep updated with her latest fashion finds!)

What are some company goals?

My mission is to provide a means of self-expression that can be exercised on a daily basis through clothing. By creating apparel that speaks personality people can embrace and express their thoughts, hobbies, opinions, humor, etc. Clothing is an outlet for creativity – It’s an extension of yourself. If you can accept and embrace your own quirks and qualities, then you can extend that to others; creating a sense of support – a sense of community, which I further aim to strengthen through a lifestyle brand.

Where does inspiration for the pieces come from?

Most of the time I come up with my designs on a whim, I don’t spend much time thinking about what to create, rather, I sit down and start designing what I haven’t personally seen materialized. However, I really like to make me smile, or laugh (preferably both), so a lot of my designs aim to do just that by, for example, depicting something taboo, using a play on words, or manipulating logos so they’re catered to something relevant or shared within the community.

What do you enjoy most about having the clothing line? Any super cool aspects?

The ability to see my clothing worn on people I admire in the EDM/rave community is probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of having my own clothing line. Its especially rewarding to see other dancers/shufflers wearing my designs because I’m extremely passionate in this microcosm within the EDM community. As such, it’s seeing my designs, my artwork, materialized that motivates me to continue creating and producing.

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Visit their webpage HERE and follow their Instagram HERE!

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