The Untz Festival Spotlight: Shlump

Written by Daniella Hughes

Photo by Optimistic Reality

From early on, Shlump’s life has revolved around music. Shlump, aka Michael Petzel, has taken his love and knowledge for music and created some of the most interesting and unique bass music to hit the scene. A marriage of dubstep, trap, and glitch-hop loaded with synths and drops has put Shlump on the must see list at The Untz Festival.

Not only does Shlump have over 8 years of producing under his belt, he has also been trained in classical guitar and rounds out his portfolio with drum and piano skills. His most recent release, 2K17 Remix Pack, takes remixing old hip songs to a whole new level.



Mark off June 2-4, 2017 and join us gettin’ down to some Shlump at The Untz Festival [tickets]!

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