ODESZA Drops ANOTHER NEW TRACK on the way to Red Rocks [VIDEOS]

written by Hatim Hafid

ODESZA has dropped several new tracks in the past two months, two of which were dropped on April 25th.The latest tracks are being played while they embark on their mini tour, on their way to Red Rocks and then kicking off festival season. These new tracks are being dropped between their beloved hits and remixes. The newest songs includes familiar sounds as they allude to their Summers Gone album, coupled with the experience of In Return, to arguably create something even more phenomenal than them both. This newest track in the video below incorporates classic chopped up vocals, rhythmic drums, a string section, and a flute section! Odesza combines all of these together to create a wholesome track. The video was recorded by Justin Clarke from the Boise, ID show.


The second video, was recorded by a fan Justin Illustre, from one of the Spokane,WA shows. The song seems to use a detuned piano sound for the chords. It then slows down and has a warmer sound before being led back in by the drums again. The high pitched vocals then encompass the track before the drums lead us into Memories That You Call from their album In Return.  We just can’t get enough of all the new music.


The third video, from a fan on instagram, shows us a trappy vibe that ODESZA has been hinting at…also taken at the Boise show. We still have our money on the fact that this album will be heavily influenced by this genre, but the boys are pretty eclectic. What do you think?

 As always, Festival Squad will be the first to bring you ODESZA news. Our team will be attending Red Rocks to give you the latest scoop on their new music, stay tuned!

Well this was cool. @odesza

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