Dirtybird BBQ Lands in Las Vegas

Written by Mara M. Mannella

BBQ season is underway but not just the frozen-patties-and-mom’s-macaroni-salad variety. The Dirtybird BBQ is on the move and they’re setting up the grills in Las Vegas this Saturday, May 20th for the first time, heating up some beats and meats in the desert oasis.

Las Vegas voted en masse to bring the famed Dirtybird BBQ series to the entertainment capital, winning the City Vote and proving the city doesn’t solely revolve around megaclubs and bottle service. That being said, Vegas is not one to miss the opportunity to do things big and this BBQ is no exception. Taking place in downtown Las Vegas, the venue will feature top-notch sound, traditional BBQ games and, yes, a refreshing pool complete with beach. Check out the venue rendering here.

Of course the focus of a Dirtybird BBQ is stellar music, which Las Vegas also has covered. The lineup is nothing short of incredible, featuring sets from 530, Dateless, Ciszak, Shiba San, Eats Everything, Justin Martin and Papa Claude himself. Fans will bear witness to some of the greatest talents on the Dirtybird label and they have themselves to thank for voting to bring quality house music to Las Vegas.

In order to have the most well-rounded BBQ experience, one must enjoy some items from the culinary lineup curated by Unlokt. Locally owned BBQ restaurants and food trucks are bringing out exclusive saucy and sweet samplings for the hotly anticipated event. As always, the BBQ will host Best In Show contests with categories like best totem and best costume.

There’s still time to grab tickets here to get down with all the Dirtybirds. Expect good vibes and great music from day into night!


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