Written by Helen Vivas

 April 18th 2017, Bassnectar surprised us all by announcing a three-night festival in Colorado. Rumors had been buzzing that Bass Center, Bassnectar’s festival in Colorado, was canceled for 2017, but instead of a canceled festival, we were pleasantly surprised with something a million times better- Bassnectar Freestyle Sessions: Colorado!  

This festival isn’t going to be like any of the others- Lorin has ‘flipped the script’.  The three nights will take place in a room in which the stages will be removed and the featured artists will go back to their origins of DJ booths.  Lorin is forcing listeners to engage with the music! He posts “Stop thinking.  Don’t take pictures.  Don’t try and record the moment.  Come experience it live, the way dance parties used to feel, the way house parties feel, the way it feels to be out in the middle of nowhere just vibing on good sound.” 

This festival brings us, music lovers, back to our origins- we all have stories about the first time we connected with music and the music scene.  Lorin is walking us down memory lane and recreating some of our most cherished memories.  The small venue feel will enable us to feel that euphoria of discovered musical bliss again.  I can’t wait to experience this with Bassnectar and all my fellow bassheads.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 21 at 10am MTN!

This is an All Ages show.
There is no presale for this event.

Get your tickets HERE.

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