ODESZA To Release Older Productions On Upcoming Album [EXCLUSIVE]

written by Hatim Hafid 

photo by Don Idio

Since ODESZA put up the cryptic morse code message on their Spotify playlist, the buzz around their new music has ramped up. Five months ago they dropped two new tracks at Day for Night Festival, and reintroduced the track LLC by Beachesbeaches while there. For those of you who may not know, Beachesbeaches is the producer name in which Clayton (currently ½ of Odesza) originally made music before coming together with Harrison (who made music under the name Catacombkid).  A lot of us wondered whether that older track was being played just because it’s a great track to listen to, or because it would be released on the new album. After some digging we have reason to believe it is the latter!

ODESZA’s album In Return was released by Counter Records which is part of the Ninja Tune family. It is more than likely that the new album will also be released by Counter Records as well. If you try listening to LLC by Beachesbeaches on YouTube, it may show you a screen that says that the video contains content from [Merlin] Ninja Tune Ltd.

Why copyright an old song unless it is being re-released?


We can only assume from this finding that older tunes from Beachesbeaches, and possibly even Catacombkid, will be on the next album! 



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