Phoenix Lights: Inflatable Igloos, Hangin’ with DJ’s, and Much More

Written by Hayden Fischer

Photos by Nicole D

Introduction – The lights came to Phoenix once again and even with a change of the venue 2 days prior to it beginning, the show still went on and exceeded all expectations. The production this year topped last year and the lineup was even more stacked.  It was a perfect mix of a little warmth during the day, and a nice breeze at night. If you didn’t go to Phoenix Lights this past week, you better make sure to go next year because they never fail to make it a good time.

Quick Facts

Music genre – The music genre that was played ranged from hip-hop/rap, dubstep, trap, house, trance, electro house, etc. There was so much variety at Phoenix Lights this year!

Camping: No

Capacity: Medium (20-30,000)

Crowd type:  The crowd type was pretty laid back; no one wore any special costumes and everyone dressed comfortable because it was warm out.

Water stations: Yes

For The First Timers – Make sure to bring bandanas because it was very dusty. Also, now that the weather is picking back up, bring water bottles or camelbacks so that you are always hydrated. Always want our festival goers to be safe and to have fun!

Standout Food – GET THE CHICKEN FINGERS! I don’t know about you but I love chicken fingers and the chicken fingers here are so fresh and you get big portions. My mouth is watering just from typing about it right now. There was also some pretty dank lemonade for $6, and if you kept your cup it was only $3 to refill it, is that a deal or what?!

Musical Highlights –Crizzly is a DJ that tends to play a mix of trap and Dubstep and has his hype man to keep the crowd going. I have seen Crizzly previously and he murdered it, but this set he played at Phoenix Lights was something no one should’ve missed. If you like to head bang like me, then you would have had so much fun. He played a very unique and filthy set of mostly Dubstep with a little bit of trap in there. Crizzly played a little earlier in the day, so he got Phoenix Lights up and pumped for the rest of the night. If you see him coming somewhere near to you soon I highly suggest going, because you wont be disappointed.

Things To Do  — This year, Phoenix Lights had these inflatable igloos set so you could sit inside with friends and take a break from the heat.

VIP or Nah  — Yes it is! It is convenient having it because if you need a break from the crowd they have a bunch of tables and chairs in the VIP area.  You also get a couple free drinks (alcoholic & non alcoholic).  There are VIP bathrooms that are separate from GA, so you don’t have to wait in long lines. There was also a nice buffet style dinner, which made it nice to eat dinner while sitting down and watching the show.

Story Corner – After Cashmere Cat’s set ended, I went to go use the restroom in the media area before Zhu came on. When I went to go wash my hands I looked up and Cashmere Cat was right there washing his hands right next to me. I immediately told him how awesome his set was and asked if I get could a selfie. He replied, “ lets take it in the mirror it will look cooler”.  After we took the picture he told me to have a fun night and enjoy the festival. Never thought in a million year that would’ve happened, very nice guy!

Our run-in with Cashmere Cat


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