BREAKING NEWS: Mysteryland USA 2017 Cancelled

written by Stephanie Rosa

photo by Νίκο Απέργης

As a media team, we at Festival Squad are constantly getting emails and updates from festival producers and PR teams regarding announcements and updates. Its been about 2 months since we had received any news from Mysteryland. We had a sneaking suspicion that something was going on with the festival and sure enough rumors were flying that Mysteryland 2017 was cancelled.


Today, Dancing Astronaut released an article to confirm this news. The Mysteryland team did confirm with Dancing Astronaut that 2017 is cancelled. While this news comes at somewhat of a shock for our festival community, we could say we kind of saw it coming. Last year, Mysteryland spent a ton of money on its lineup to include headliners Skrillex, Bassnectar & Odesza. The festival did not sell out, and likely exceeded its budget for its headliners. This year, the festival released its roster hoping to diversify its fans. Unfortunately, it did not result in a lot of ticket sales and thus putting on the festival would exceed the profits, resulting in a loss.


We hate knowing that these festivals are getting cancelled, especially when they’re home to so many of us. We are hopeful that the festival will be able to generate enough funds from their European festival and return to the states in 2018.

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