Lasers and Love Under the Electric Sky

Written by Mara M. Mannella

What words come to mind when you think of the Electric Daisy Carnival? Music? Dancing? Lasers? For many EDC faithful, a word that resonates is connection.  There’s no shortage of stories involving lasting friendships forged over a cold EDC lemonade or a forever friend found while grooving inside the Neon Garden. But connections made leading up to the festival can sometimes be the most meaningful of all.

Entering its 21st year, Electric Daisy Carnival keeps ravers coming back, promising unique experiences and even an all-new trance stage. Fans can take the edge off the almost unbearable anticipation leading up the event by joining communities like Facebook groups or Reddit subreddits. These social networks are places you can go to share breaking festival news, find helpful pro tips and perhaps meet the love of your life. Trust me on that last one, I’m living proof. 

After the first few hours at my first EDC, I knew it would be far from my last. Originally only planning to go Saturday, there was no way I could resist the siren song of the Speedway and returned to experience Sunday as well. I was hooked. I wanted to absorb everything in the realm of festivals and emerging electronic music. I researched events, hunted down live streams and like thousands of other EDC lovers, I joined a huge EDC-focused Facebook group full of like minded people. I reveled in the constant chatter of new stage designs and rumored DJ appearances, excited to find other people in the world as obsessed as me. One fateful evening, I checked out a few comments on a thread I was following. I clicked on one commenter in particular, and cracked a smile when I saw he was also a Las Vegas local.  We started a conversation on messenger, which evolved into a text conversation, which led up to meeting in real life. A mutual love for EDC is what connected us but as time passed we found more and more shared ideals and interests that made us a match with staying power. We’ve attended countless festivals and met tons of couples that, like us, were brought together thanks to an event. This upcoming EDC will be our 4th adventure under the electric sky and there’s no one I’d rather spend it with.

You might think an experience can’t get more fun or be more perfect, and then you find a person to share it with and you can’t imagine it any other way. It’s true for these festivals we love and it’s true for life in general. Just think of all the similarities there are in navigating a festival together and navigating life! So while finding that special someone might not be on your to do list this EDC, you just never know. The yearly pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Speedway is just couple months away and it might be even more life-changing than you expected! 

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas tickets are still available by clicking here and don’t forget to tune into Night Owl Radio for the EDC lineup reveal mega mix this Thursday at 6pm PST.

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