Free-Spirited Freaks & Fun at Boogaloo

guest written by Alexa Colburn 

Do you enjoy well intentioned chaos? Do you ever find yourself being sucked in to a whirlwind of good natured debauchery? Do you like frolicking through Mother Nature’s green dance floors? Are you a fan of innovative dance music and renegade sound? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the next logical thing to ask is, DO YOU BOOGALOO?


Originally intended as a Burning Man fundraiser for the Dirty Beetles, (a camp known for bringing their own kind of party to the playa) Boogaloo Art Car & Music Festival might just be the best festival you’ve never heard of.  So what is it anyway? Boogaloo, at its core, is a music and arts festival, as its name might imply. Although what makes this festival unique is its set-up of art cars as stages, DJs as fellow festival goers and attendees as the life of the party. Featuring the Dirty Beetle itself boasting a funk and bass lineup to include artists such as Stylust Beats, The Funk Hunters, and Henry Pope & Littlefoot. Meanwhile, the Beetle’s veteran counterpart, house and techno based, Charlie the Unicorn, may take you to candy mountain heaven and steal your kidneys while you’re groovin’ to legendary beats by DJ Dan, Fritz Carlton, Lonely Boy and even a special Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz set, just to name a few. But whether you recognize the names on the lineup or not, you’re bound to find an artist or two you’ll inevitably be playing on repeat post-fest as its ridden with hidden gems of all genres fit for all types of ears. I can personally attest to this with a specific flashback of Boogaloo 2015, jamming on top of the Janky Barge with who I later found out to be G Jones while he threw down a set so hard I thought my face might fall off, the art car might fall apart, or both.


But beyond the party and at the pinnacle of its existence is a radical self-inclusion style family with a focus on brining good people together to dance to great music to create a one of a kind experience. And this year, the festival has spread its wings even farther into its sense of community as it collaborates with all sorts of other sub-camps and crews that make its environment what it is. With ties to other local and loved collectives including The Dangle Zone, Noise Revolt, The Blackbird Bus and The Mystikal Mysfits, Boogaloo is able to not only keep the party going all night, but also help support its contributors. This year, each camp was given a Friends & Family code that allowed members to purchase earlybird tickets for $99 with $20 of that price being returned to the camp, making it a fundraiser within a fundraiser. Its fundraiser inception, really. And we’re all for it.


If the music, the cause, and the absolutely beyond reasonable price aren’t enough to bring you out to this celebration of eccentricity and weird, then maybe the location or the people will be. Located at Oak Canyon Park, Silverado, CA (former home of Lightning in a Bottle and current home of crowd favorite Dirtybird Campout), there is a certain magic to the land that can only be felt by stepping foot onto its dusty campgrounds and its tree covered stages. The people that inhabit the festival are equally magical in a way that can only be described as perfect. The venue hosts a small capacity, keeping the vibe intimate at all times (aka you’ll never have to worry about ‘meeting your friends at the ferris wheel’ or losing Suzy in the bathrooms).  While the majority of festival goers tent camp, both car camping and RV camping passes are also an option. Additional amenities such as Dub Gypsies Kitchen meal plan and VIB (very important beetle) tickets are available as well. No matter what road you chose to explore at Boogaloo though, you are guaranteed one thing, and that’s an unprecedented weekend full of free-spirited freaks, interactive art and beats to make your knees go weak. Snatch your tickets below and meet me at the Middle Child!



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